The ABCs of Medicare Supplement Plans

So, you already know what a Medicare Supplement Plan is, you understand Medicare costs, you saw all the benefits covered by Medigap plans and now you are really interested in getting one, but how? What do you need to get it and when is the right time to do it? Well, in this article we will answer all your questions. We will explain the requirements to get a Medigap plan, the way and the time you can enroll to get it.

Requirements to get a Medicare Supplement Plan

Before getting a Medicare Supplement Plan you must have Medicare part A and Medicare Part B. The coverage of Medigap is only for one person, so if you are married and both of you want to get a Medigap plan, you will have to buy separate plans for each of you. Remember Medigap policies are private insurance, so Medicare does not pay any of the costs to get them and you will have to pay the premiums of them.

In case you a have a Medicare Advantage Plan, you cannot have that and a Medigap plan at the same time. However, you can apply for a Medigap policy if you already have it, but you will have to make sure that you can leave you a Medicare Advantage Plan before the Medigap policy starts. The main difference between Medigap and a Medicare Advantage Plan is that the first one only supplements your Original Medicare benefits and the second is a way to get Medicare benefits. Once you get your Medigap plan you pay a monthly premium for it to the private insurance company and this is additional to the premium you pay for Medicare Part B.

When can I apply for a Medicare Supplement Plan?

The ideal moment to buy a Aetna Medicare supplement Plan G is during the 6-month Medigap open enrollment period. This period lasts for six months and starts the first day of the month you are at least 65 and enrolled to Medicare Part B. You will be able to get a Medigap policy that is available in the state where you live during this time, according to Medigap guaranteed issue rights. In case you have previous health issues you also have the right to get a Medigap policy during this time but a waiting period may apply.

The waiting period means that the insurance company can make you wait up to six months before covering your pre-existing conditions, which are any health problems you had before the insurance policy started. You will have your Medigap plan, but there will be a delay in coverage, so the Medigap will not cover any out-of-pocket costs related to the pre-existing conditions until the waiting period has finished. Take into consideration that the insurance companies can delay coverage for any health conditions that were diagnosed or treated only six months before the Medigap policy start-date, and they cannot use health problems that are older than that. The amount of time an insurance company can “look back” and delay coverage for certain health conditions is called “look-back period”.  There are some states in which you can get a Medigap plan before the age of 65 but you will need to be enrolled to Medicare Part B anyways and it may cost you more.

What happens if I want a Medicare Supplement Plan but I didn’t apply during the 6-month Medigap open enrollment period?

If you missed the 6-month Medigap open enrollment period and you try to get a Medigap policy, the insurance company may deny you coverage or may cost you more and the company will charge you a higher premium based on your medical history. However, you will have Medigap guaranteed issue rights only in certain situations outside of this period. This will be explained in more detail later.

An Introduction to Medicare Supplement Plans

Even after being enrolled in original Medicare plan, you may be missing some coverage that private insurance companies could offer you. Such supplements are called Medicare Supplement Plans.

Medicare Supplement Plan or Medigap is a supplementary coverage in addition to your original medical insurance. This plan was christened Medigap as it covers many “gaps” in your original Medicare plan. It covers some of the extra charges that your original Medicare plan doesn’t cover. There are medical costs and hospital bills that contain copayments, yearly deductibles, and coinsurance that your original plan fails to cover.

How does Medicare Supplement Plan work?

The first point is that you should be enrolled in an Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement plan to be eligible for Medicare Supplement Plans. Original plans cover your hospital and medical costs while a supplement plan adds benefits for coinsurance and other taxes. There are various other factors you need to consider before opting for a Medicare Supplement Plan. If you are a citizen under 65 and possess Medicare facility due to disability, you might not be able to get a Medicare Supplement Plan. Even then you should check once as the rules worry from insurance company to insurance company.

There is a different stand-alone Medicare Prescription drug plan that covers your medical costs and this should not be confused with Medicare supplement plans. Also, Medicare advantage plan coverage area is different from Medicare supplement plans. The supplement plan can only cover costs that are part of your original plan. It just pays for the gaps.

Some other facts to remember about the supplement plan:

  • The supplement plan works only for an individual. So if you are married, you and your partner will have to apply for separate plans.
  • In general, every hospital accepts Medicare supplement plan but in some cases, your plan may only work on selected doctors and hospitals covered in the provider’s network.
  • The supplementary plans are renewable if you just keep paying your premium.

Inquire about your Medicare plan now! There are benefits that you may be missing. Medical costs are nothing to be taken lightly. You never know! Are you new in the United States of America? Do you need a medical insurance that will be a life saver in future? The Medicare Supplement plan has been designed to be flexible and standardized by the government.

However, you may not be able to make the right choice if you do not have information on how this Medicare insurance work. You should not be in a hurry to make a choice if you have an existing medical insurance. You are advised to meet with your administrator who is going to help you make the right choice.  There are benefits that come with using the United States of America health insurance. It is affordable and easily to use.  Each plan is lettered to give you a clue of what each does and does not.

Outside Activities For Seniors

What is there to do outside anyways? Well this is the article for you because there is a lot of different things to do outside when you are old and that may sound like a shock but it is true because there are so many different kinds of things that you can do like go on a walk and stuff like that. I will be telling you all of the different things that you can do when you are old when you go outside and just because you are a older person isn’t really mean  that you can’t go outside and enjoy the different seasons and the different kinds of weather that you can experience wherever you are living and you can do. Find a supplement plan at

The first thing that you can do to go outside more is you can go on a hike somewhere and wherever you are there are always different hiking trails and different places that are most likely at least thirty minutes away. Even if you actually live in the city there will always be something close near by where you can go on a hike even if it is more of a flat hike or even if it isn’t that steep because you might live somewhere like Texas that is mostly flat and isn’t very mountain like like other places are. if  you live somewhere like oregon or washington then you will have no problem finding a cool place to hike and some cool places to go to. But if you do live in like New York or Texas then you may have a harder time hiking or go backpacking and stuff like that so just try to find a place that has a long trail that you can walk on.

Another thing that you can do is do yoga outside which can be very relaxing and peaceful and will probably make you feel calm. There are most likely some classes in your city that you can sign up for or you can go by yourself or even grab a friend to come with you and go to the park and set up your yoga mats and do some yoga outside. You can even put on some relaxing music to make it even more calming. Go outside and even if it is just a walk it will give you some more vitamin D and will make you happier and feel better about life and everything around you.

Backpacking For The Elderly


Backpacking is something that is for sure not for everybody but it can actually be a great experience and can show you more of the state that you live in and even the world that we live in. We often forget that there is a world out there beyond the city that we live in, that there is places in this world that have been untouched by the hands of the humans and remain pure and beautiful the way that they were supposed to be. This will slowly start to go away as we begin to become more populated and the earth starts to be filled with even more people we will have to start building more houses and probably creating new cities as the years go by.  Get a 2019 quote for medicare advantage at

Backpacking is something that can feel like camping for some especially if you are only going a hike over night that has low miles and a place where you will not be hiking that much. It can be hard to realize that this is not usually a easy thing and most people may not actually like it as much as they think they will. A good idea to do is that if you are someone that is older the best thing for you to do is to start by going hiking with someone that has experience with backpacking that way you will not be alone in the middle of no where and not know what to do this way you will know what to do next time you are alone and you will also know what to pack with you when you go on you future trips.

Medicare Advantage plans 2019Some people really like to go do this activity and some people really hate it it kinda depends on what kind of person you are and what you enjoy to do if you are someone that grew up liking to be outside then this is most likely something that you will be interested in and something that you will actually enjoy doing and you will most likely not be miserable when you are doing this. You will start to learn a lot about the world around you and you will start to realize that there is still so many different things that is out there for you to learn about this amazing planet so get out there and explore the world we have.

How to Get Active As A Senior


Being an active person might only be for certain people since people tend to usually have different levels of activity and it can vary from each person depending on how you were raised and how much activity you got when you were younger. If you were someone that got a lot of physical activity when you were younger then you are probably someone that nowadays are someone that really likes to be active and you probably are someone that ended up growing up doing sports and running a lot and probably are someone that keep that in your daily life. But if you were someone that doesn’t get a lot of activity especially when you were younger then you probably grew up thinking that you weren’t physically fit and you probably didn’t do a lot of sports growing up. How much we are active is usually decided at a young age since it is up to our parents to decide what sports we do and what activity we are getting on a daily basis.

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You can be an active person as a senior person by just start with going outside more and trying to go on more hikes more often. Starting by going on hikes and going on walks and then slowly working yourself up to do longer runs and longer hikes can make it start to become easier over time because your body will start to build up a bigger endurance and then your muscles will start to become accustomed to the physical activity that you are doing. When you start to work out your body will start to get used to this over time and it will almost start to become easier to do this kind of stuff and you will probably begin to like it more eventually over time.

The next thing that you can do is that you can actually start to go to the gym more often and try to maybe start with walking on the treadmill in the beginning and then you can work your way up to running on the treadmill and then you can begin to start to doing workouts with some weights and then you will start to become used to the gym and the way of life with being active. This can also take some time to put this into your daily routine of going to the gym every single day but I promise that with some time you will have no problem putting this into your daily life all of the time. Try to be as active as possible.

AARP Medicare Advantage Plans

AARP Medicare Advantage Plans for 2019


Open Enrollment finished December seventh, this past Saturday, and unless you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period, you can’t enlist in Part D until next October. I have gotten calls from Medicare recipients this week who are floored, no, vicious. I have been shouted at, hung up on, and cussed at.


To be perfectly honest, this does not upset me, but rather it made me need to compose a blog to enable individuals to comprehend their choices if they have passed up a major opportunity for Part D Enrollment. The following are a couple of thoughts on the most proficient method to facilitate the agony of paying for your prescriptions out-of-take. Appreciate!


medicare advantage plans 2019

Pursuit the watchwords “Prescription Coupons” in your web index and several pages fly up offering coupons on each drug possible. You can likewise investigate your specific drug by writing “‘Drug Name’ Coupons” into your web index.


Another approach is to contact the organization that offers your drug and inquire as to whether they have any coupons they can mail to you. Most organizations have coupons or great arrangements accessible on their sites, also. It might appear to be too simple, however once in a while it’s the most effortless arrangements that work.


Prescription Assistance Programs


There are an assortment of projects like these, some being state specific. These projects are not insurance, but rather they do help with the expenses of prescription drugs.


You need to apply and be qualified to qualify for a help program. When you are in, you will regularly get an enrollment markdown card that you can use to get rebates at drug stores.


The one dubious thing concerning these projects is that you may not qualify for Part D after you select in a help program. These projects are really for those in urgent need who can’t manage the cost of their prescription drugs or bear the cost of Part D deductibles or premiums. There are additionally senior specific projects, and projects that lone individuals under 65 can enlist in, so it is critical that you check before applying.


One program I found following a simple ten minutes of research is RXassist.


Drug store Programs


Huge supermarkets, for example, HEB and Walmart offer drug store markdown programs (I live in Central Texas, so we have HEB-however I am certain there are focused markets in different states also). By enlisting in these projects, you can get a few (not all) of the prescription drugs you use at very marked down costs. There are little, introductory charges that you need to pay to enlist in these projects, yet you will have the capacity to get prescription drugs at amazingly reduced costs ($5 for a 30 day supply at HEB). Walmart likewise has a focused program with a few drugs recorded for $4.


As should be obvious, there are choices. Obviously my first exhortation is not shout at your specialist or hang up before they have an opportunity to help you. You won’t not comprehend your circumstance. There is a possibility you could qualify for a Special Enrollment Period. Qualifying conditions are generally things, for example, moving out of an administration region, automatically being dropped from your Medicare Advantage Plan, or different superfluous conditions that are out of your control.

Medigap or Medicare Advantage: which is better?

Medicare original has four basic parts – A, B, C, and D. These plans provide basic coverage for people above 65 years of age. However, there are parts that these policies do not cover and could be a liability in case anyone falls seriously ill. It might become difficult for a person to pay the deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance if this happens as these are not covered under the Medicare plans. To cover these costs Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare advantage plans come to the rescue.

Medicare advantages plans or Medigap:

Medigap plans protect individuals who buy Medicare from these extra expenses incurred during treatment. For this, the insurance companies charge a premium for this policy in addition to the premium paid for Medicare Part A and B and D. There are ten options available for Medigap policy purchasers. The policy ranges from A, B, C-G, K, L, M, and N. These plans are standardized across and within states though there might be certain differences among states and hence, the costs also might differ. In case the hospital or clinic does not accept Medicare patients, Medigap will not be able to cover any costs.

Medicare Advantage:  Enroll in a plan at

A Medicare Advantage plan (Medicare part C) provides a comparatively lower cost than the Medicare advantage plans. Medicare Advantage plan requires paying a premium along with the premium for Part B in most cases. Medicare Advantage plans are similar to policies of private health insurances and cover hospital visits, surgery, and small copayment. These plans can also offer HMO or PPO network plans and also put a limit on the yearly total expenses.

Which is better?

  • Lifestyle:

Medicare advantage plans would be a better option in case there is a lot travel to different states all throughout the year is involved. Some Medigap plans provide coverage even while traveling outside of United States and also cover in all the states within the US while Medicare Advantage plans usually do not.

  • Cost:

Medigap policies have a higher monthly premium but also result in lower expenses as compared to advantage plans but advantage plans cost less and cover more services.

  • Choice:

Medicare advantage generally limits the doctors and facilities between HMO and PPO and may also not cover expenses out of the network area. While Medicare advantage plans allow getting treatment from any hospital that accepts Medicare patients and it might be useful to consider the regular hospital visits, travel and any necessary specialists needed for treatment.

Find out which is best Medicare Supplement plans out there

Do you have any idea as to what is the best Medicare Supplement plans which is prevailing in the market right now? well, you don’t have to think to much. This means that even if you attempt to answer this question and not put the particular situation into the context, it does not really mean anything to the owner of the policy of the media.

One of the best Medicare Supplement plans is the plan F

When it comes to the face value, it is extremely easy to say that the plan F of the Medicare plans is actually the most comprehensive and the most useful plan right now. Thus, you can very well declare plan F to be the best plan in the context of the supplement plans. However, if you start to take into consideration other factors such as the suitability and the cost of the premium, you will find that the plan F is not exactly the best plan to consider. That is when you sell start to disagree with yourself.

There are no best supplement plans out there

The important thing is there are no supplement plans which are the most best and which are absolutely suitable for everyone out there. You will have to compromise at one point or the other.

Find the plan which suits you the most

Your job thus will be to find that particular plan which is closest to what you want. If you wish to get closest to the best plan designed for you, you need to be able to analyse each and everything there is to analyse about these Medicare Supplement Plans 2019. Now if you go for comprehensive plans, you will find that the cost of the coverage is also increasing in a similar manner.

It starts becoming quite expensive with the degree of increasing coverage if you want to get the best out of the best media coverage plan for yourself, it will fall in the range of the 90 dollars to about 110 dollars for every month. Going for the most coverage plan will be about 450 dollars or it can be even more expensive based on the location you are from. This huge difference between the premium cost is a huge determinant as to which of the Medicare Supplement plans is the best.

Thus, you need to choose the Medicare Supplement plans you will have to take all these into consideration.

Knee Replacement Surgery Costs, do Medicare supplement plans cover?

Surgery of knee replacement in association with hip replacement is very common surgery types for Medicare supplement plans program enrolled.


Part A and B Medicare referred as Traditional Medicare cover the procedure and portions in varying ways. In fact, the aftercare associated on determining medically is essential for your doctor. However, Medicare does not cover the replacement of knee surgery or for that matter any joint replacement, except for the other prescribed or recommended treatments do not help this condition.


Under Part A Medicare, the inpatient stay associated with the surgery of knee replacement is not permitted to surpass the Part A deductible. The outpatient services linked to your knee replacement surgery is also considered under Part B Medicare for payment.  It means you need to pay for Part A and Part B Medicare deductible amounts before it covers the costs for providing such services.


Medicare Supplement plans covering costs of knee replacement surgery

Part A and B of Traditional Medicare feature costs beyond pocket as copayments and deductibles. Fortunately, the Medicare supplement plans help in bearing these costs. Available as 10 standardized plans from private insurance companies, these Medigap come with different amounts of spending beyond the pocket costs as per their insurance plan.


In case, you wish buying Medicare supplement plans, you must know that this insurance type can be bought anytime, but the acceptance is assured at certain time periods. The Medicare supplement plans on attaining 65 during open enrollment period and on having Part B enrollment. This is a six month period available excluding the birthday month you are 65 to enroll typically in Medigap plans and this is the best time as you can get enrolled regardless of your health conditions.


Another cost you may plan is the prescription of medications such as anticoagulants, painkillers or antibiotics. Part A Medicare may cover prescription drugs as inpatient treatment, while Part B Medicare may cover administered prescription drugs as an outpatient. However, the Traditional Medicare typically offers no cover for medications you are taking at home.


Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 and Part D Medicare for prescription drugs must be considered while enrolling even if you have the Traditional Medicare.  Part A and B Medicare may give for hospice and Medical, but buying now from private insurance companies, you may be benefitted as they include benefits such as vision routine services. Paying premium for Part B must not be ignored or delayed.



Is It Safe To Invest In Emerging Markets

Emerging Markets are those which are developing and are quite promising to scale up in the foreseeable future. The growth rates of emerging markets are incredibly high but the golden law in business follows, with greater gains come greater risks.

These markets are commonly seen in most of the third – world countries including China and India where there is a boom in manufacturing and research after decades of instability and stagnation of growth.

The Risks of Investing in Emerging Markets

Let the investment be in the form of stocks, bonds, real estate or any other kind, the transactions has to happen in the local currency of the emerging market. Emerging markets have largely fluctuating currency and thus, the returns to the investor are always at risk. It may actually turn into losses if the currency dips suddenly.

Emerging markets are difficult to analyze based on historical data. Developed markets have long gathered data about correlation between events and the corresponding returns but that much load and variety of information is not available in the case of emerging markets. So, some portion of the investment is always a ‘blind throw’.

Also, the wealth in emerging markets are much less liquid and the market is imperfect. It involves high broker fees for every transaction and on the whole and  poor corporate governance. Also, due to the uncertainty and a relatively underdeveloped banking system in these markets, it is quite difficult to raise money.

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So, should you still invest?

No business occurs without risk of losing the money put in it. A lot of success stories have emerged after investing in the upcoming markets. But these investors have followed two fundamental principles. The first one being, knowing what and how the risk is.

Due to political and currency instability, emerging markets are extremely volatile. A high risk taker might invest 7% of his investment fund allocation to international market and the safest buyer would just allocate 3% of that amount. But given the pace at which the GDP growing in China and India especially, there is a high degree of optimism in the horizon that these investments will do well in the long term.

The second rule the investors in emerging market follow is clearly identifying parameters that might drive the investment itself. They conduct a thorough research on monetary policies, corporate rules, and deviations in market, sector analysis and also government’s activeness in growing the direct local market. As a starting point, they compare the performance of the country with respect to a global benchmark and gather insights from it regarding fund allocation and duration of investment.

The bottom line is that, investing in emerging markets might not be a bad idea at all as long as the investor realizes the value of being consistent in growth instead of chasing spurts of income. Strategies must be devised that can handle the risks imposed effectively, just as it does, if it were the case in a developed market.