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Disney sericels, Disney production cels and drawing, Disney limited edition and more of Disney Animation Art.

Warner Brothers
Warner Bros. sericels, Warner Brothers production cels and drawing, WB limited edition and more of Warner Bros. Animation Art.

Hanna Barbera
Hanna Barbera sericels, HB production cels and drawing, Hanna Barbera limited edition and more of HB Animation Art

Lucas Film
Lucas Film sericels, Lucas Film production cels and drawing, Lucas Film limited edition and more of Lucas Film Animation Art.

FOX sericels, FOX production cels and drawing, FOX limited edition and more of FOX Animation Art.

Universal sericels, Universal production cels and drawing, Universal limited edition and more of Universal Animation Art.

MGM sericels, MGM production cels and drawing, MGM limited edition and more of MGM Animation Art.

Filmation sericels, Filmation production cels and drawing, Filmation limited edition and more of Filmation Animation Art.


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To produce a sericel, studio artists create a hand-inked, hand-colored painting or model of characters, which is then transferred to the acetate cel by a silk-screen printing process known as serigraphy. Sericels are normally printed in Limited Editions are richly colored and detailed.

Production cel/drawing
Production cels
Any cel or drawing created for the production of an animated film.
Does not necessarily mean that the piece appears in the film. Edited, colour model, and preliminary art are all production artwork.

Limited Edition
A non-production hand-painted cel created specifically for collectors. Produced in limited quantities, they are most easily identified by a "fraction" (70/500) in the lower right-hand corner. They were not used in a film, and have merely been created to resemble original production art, whether by reproducing a scene, or more recently, creating new scenes which often mix characters who do not traditionally "belong" together.


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